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Business process Management & Continuity

Our solutions are extensively hardware & software-oriented, albeit complemented with the requisite Professional and Consulting Services to maximize our customers’ optimization of the various solutions and also return on their investments.

CBT also offers Technical Interventions, Accounting & Audit Services, Tax Audit, Printing/ Branding and ICT Consultancy services to client companies and to other ICT firms. We have the technical support base, quality and well-trained professionals with copious local, regional and international experience.

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D Matching the cumulative experience across the management team of CBT with the emerging opportunities within the market has immensely shaped the focus of the company – to continue to provide professional, high value-added services to selected markets for the mutual benefits of both our clients and CBT at all times.

Driven by a common individual desire to excel always, maintain a leadership in their areas of core competence, and uphold their credibility, the CBT management projects the group culture of quality and professional excellence.

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